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Robert Blair joins Arbitration Place

Arbitration Place is pleased to welcome the Honourable Robert Blair, Q.C., who has joined our roster as a Member Arbitrator.

Mr. Blair retired from the Court of Appeal for Ontario in October, 2017, after fourteen years. Prior to his appointment to the Court of Appeal he had been Regional Senior Justice for the Toronto Region of the Superior Court of Justice since October 1999, and a judge of that Court since March, 1991.

As a lawyer, Mr. Blair was involved on the users’ committee that helped formulate the Commercial List on the Superior Court in Toronto. As a trial judge of that Court, he was a frequent flyer on the Commercial List, presiding over a large number of high profile restructurings, shareholders’ disputes and other complex commercial cases. While a member of the Court of Appeal, he continued to preside over similar matters as well as all types of civil and criminal cases.

For more information and to contact Mr. Blair in respect of your next arbitration, mediation, or mock hearing, please click here.

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