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Event Recap: API Viz Pre-Moot

The Arbitration Place Invitational (API) pre-moot brought together students and coaches from 18 universities around the world, giving them the chance to practice an devise their oral arguments in front of a panel of world-renowned arbitrators.

The API pre-moot consisted of two days of round-robin moots, with two hours of allotted time per moot. Participants had the chance to argue from both Claimant and Respondent positions.

The API provided a terrific training and practice opportunity for students competing in the upcoming Vis Moot, allowing talented students to experience the atmosphere of a real arbitral proceeding and receive valuable feedback from our arbitrators.


Did you miss the event? View the API Video Flyer:

If you wanted to watch any of the great moments that occurred over the weekend, click the file below to open up an enlarged PDF and then click on the individual boxes to view the recordings on our YouTube Channel.

Flyer With TimeStamped Vid (1)
Download PDF • 695KB

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